Shell Eco Marathon Americas

Oil giant Shell hosts the renowned Shell Eco Marathon every year,   with over one hundred teams from the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brasil and Guatemala attending. Students aiming to win this competition are challenged to design and build a vehicle that uses the smallest amount of fuel possible to complete a circuit.
The 2017 edition of this event took place on the streets of Detroit, Michigan. The event moves to California for 2018.

Alérion Supermileage has reclaimed victory at the Shell Eco-Marathon Americas 2017 ahead of the Brigham Young University Supermileage team from Provo, Utah with a mileage of 2713 MPG. Read the official statement (in French)

SAE Supermileage

The Society of Automotive Engineers holds this annual competition as a part of the SAE Collegiate Design Series. The Eaton Corporation’s proving grounds in Marshall, MI welcome an international selection of about 30 teams, all using adapted Briggs & Stratton one-cylinder engines.
This year’s event, the 38th edition, was held on June 8-9 2017.

A new North American record now stands as Alérion Supermileage wins the SAE Supermileage with a top score of 4113 MPG. Read the official statement (in French)